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Player Theme Builder

Appearances are Important

BYOAudio wants to keep you looking sharp with our flexible Audio and Video Player Theme Builder! We rebuilt our entire publishing sequence with efficiency in mind so you can spend less time building players and more time showing off your multimedia!

Themes are Reusable

Once you get your player theme how you like it for a website, you can quick-publish your audio and video files without having to tweak it again. Publish uniform videos in 10 seconds each without worrying about inconsistency.

Many Ways to Customize Your Media Players

  1. Custom Branding and Image Links

    Do you need your video to have a button that directs you to a new page? Simply check the Custom Brand check-box in the theme builder, upload an image, and customize your link to the specifications that you need. You can then drag the button wherever you need it on the player theme.

  2. Custom Fade Controls

    If you don't want the play control to show once the video is playing, you can set the controls to fade or slide out. You can also specify how long you want the delay to be before the bar disappears!

  3. Color Your Theme to Match Your Website

    Every control on the page can be colored to mesh with your website. Either use the color-picker window, or input the hexadecimal code for the color you need.