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Web Video Features

We Make Web Video Simpler.

BYOAudio set out to make creating and publishing web page video easier than any other website in the market. Bringing your video to the web can now be done in under a minute. Amateurs and professionals can find something to love about BYOAudio!

Create video:

  1. With the WebRecorder

    Log in to your BYOAudio account and record your Video with our WebRecorder and a WebCam. Any device that has a camera and flash player enables you to record from anywhere.

  2. or

  3. Upload your Own Video

    Got your Video already? Just upload it! We accept all file-types and convert them to web formats to stream online. You can also alter the quality of the video for slower connections.

NEW: Video Links

Our Player Builder allows you to place a customizable button link on your video that directs users to a page of your choosing! Send them to your Facebook, Twitter, or various other pages without them having to look away from your video!

NEW: Custom Video Player Branding

Our Pro and Business level subscriptions offer the ability for users to upload their branding and publish it on video players they create with our Theme Builder. You can adjust the size, opacity, and location of your uploaded branding.

Assign a link to your image that send your audience to your Twitter, Facebook, or webpage when they click it.

We Convert your Videos for you!

It's just as easy to add video to your websites as it is to add audio! Don't worry about video formats ,  just upload, then paste one line of code to your website and Internet users can watch your videos instantly!

Auto-play videos

Have your videos automatically start playing on your webpage when a member comes to your website.

File Backup

Only BYOAudio makes it easy to download and archive your recorded video files the instant they are recorded. No need to send email, just click and download. Don't be held hostage by services that don't give your access to your own videos, or worse, charge you for access to it.

Unlimited Videos By Email.

You may include your videos in as many emails as you like, there are no limits. Publishing for emails is simple, just click, cut and paste.

Unlimited Web Publishing

Place as many video players on as many web pages as you like. You don't need to know HTML to add your videos to your website. You simply need to be able to cut and paste.

Web Recording

You can record your video clips easily without leaving the website. Use our web-based video recorder and a standard web-cam and you can begin publishing quality multimedia fast!